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How's The Weather Looking?

Weather plays an important role when planning and executing a fishing trip. Charter operators do not move forward with a fishing charter until they are 100% satisfied that the weather conditions are not only optimal for fishing but also safe for every passenger onboard. But how do they do this?

The Power of Weather Apps.

Many commercial fishermen and charter operators are known for checking weather websites and apps daily (Ezifish Charters included) to provide the best planning of charters and safety to their passengers. In doing so, operators gain an understanding of weather forecasts and patterns to better determine whether a charter can move forward. There are several components that need to be monitored in order to make an executive decision regarding a charter such as, water temperatures, wind currents and swells.


Metservice is arguably the top weather app used in New Zealand for checking conditions for fishing. Metservice issue four short forecasts, daily, that cover the next two days and issue two extended short forecasts, daily, covering the following three days. These forecasts are imperative for operators to determine what the weather will do shall a charter fall on one of those days. Metservice also offer marine forecasts and warnings by providing detailed marine warnings, four times daily, for coastal waters New Zealand, up to 100km from the coast.


Windy is an interactive app that you can set to your specific needs, not necessarily just for fishermen but also for avid, active, water hobbyists. Windy narrows in on the wind direction and strength to determine how the sea conditions can effect a vessel on the water. Both wind knots and swell feet are easily visible and provide up-to-date forecasted predictions so operators may make the best decision on embarking on a charter.

Here at Ezifish.

Ezifish Charters skippers plan their charters weeks in advance. When a future passenger books their charter our Skippers will track the weather conditions for that charter, sometimes two weeks in advance. Safety is our number one priority for passengers and while land conditions can seem favourable for water activities, your Skipper is tracking the marine weather conditions happening 100km off the coast. Likewise, if weather on land is tumultuous your skipper is tracking the marine weather which may be sufficient fishing conditions. When a charter is rescheduled or cancelled it is because your Skipper deemed the trip unsafe for amateur fishermen/women.

Top Tip:

Download or track the marine weather using Metservice or Windy and familiarize yourself with wind speeds and swell. Keep in contact with your Skipper a week prior to your charter and touch base on the forecasted weather. REMEMBER: Your Skipper is the best person to make the call on whether or not a charter should go ahead. They are here to ensure your charter is not only a good one but a safe one!

If you want to talk with experienced fishing experts for your next charter get in touch with Ezifish Charters today.

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