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Fish you can catch on an Ezifish Charter

Here at Ezifish Charters, we have a passion for offering our guests the best experience possible during every trip. One of the most exciting things about heading out on an Ezifish Charter is the wide variety of fish that you can catch during the trip. Keep reading as we introduce you to some of the fish you are most likely to find on your journey. You can be sure our friendly team will share their fishing experience to ensure you have the best chance of catching these fish on the way.


Hapuka is one of the most delicious fish species and creates a flaky fillet that you’ll love serving to your family. You’ll find Hapuka throughout the year in New Zealand, and it’s a rewarding experience to have a go at catching these fish. While they can sometimes be a challenge to target, our experienced team will help you out on the journey.

As they are an apex predator, you’ll need a big bait in order to catch Hapuka. Keep the hook point free for the best chance of success. The great thing about searching for Hapuka is that they usually congregate together in groups, and our team knows the best grounds to search for them as a result of heading out to sea each day.


When we think about fishing in New Zealand, terakihi is one of the most sought-after types of demersal fish, along with snapper and blue cod. They are members of a large family of fish within the Southern Hemisphere, and in New Zealand, we have two species of terakihi to try and catch. The smaller, common terakihi is found throughout the country and carries on to the Auckland Islands. These are generally about one kilo in weight, but some do reach up to 4kg or more.

There’s also a larger species of terakihi which can be more of a challenge to find. They are usually found near offshore reefs and can weigh between 3 and 5kg. As these are schooling fish, you’ll usually find them in areas of the reef but they sometimes feed over mud and sand. We often find them in clear patches by foul and reef where the water is up to 100m in depth.

Sea Perch

This marine fish is part of the rockfish family and ranges in colour from orange-red to deep red but can sometimes even be black. You’ll find their opercle and dorsal fins to be spiny and strong, and we see these fish on almost any Ezifish Charter. They are delicious to eat, offering a healthy and flaky fish your whole family will enjoy. We often find sea perch in the same foul ground as blue cod, but keep an eye out over sandy bottoms for them as well.

Blue Cod

Blue cod are bottom-dwelling fish that can be found in New Zealand at depths of up to 150m. You might not know that these fish can live up to 32 years, and they often grow up to 60cm in length. Their growth is influenced by various factors, and they can change sex from female to male during their life. The large males are distinctly blue but will have green sides, whereas the females are more spotted. They are known for their elongated body, with a low short dorsal fin and a longer second one. They are mainly found in the South Island, Cook Strait, and the Chatham Islands, and as the most caught species on our trips, our team will help you reel in these tasty fish on a day's charter.

As you can see, we find a great variety of fish during a trip with Ezifish Charters, and our team will be here to share their experience and knowledge with you throughout the journey. Our company is proactive about environmental issues, and you’ll also enjoy learning more about the local wildlife during your day of fishing. Keep an eye out on your journey for penguins, seals, and albatross on the Otago coast, which is a bonus of booking a trip with our team. You’ll also be pleased to know we impose a boat limit and adhere to the traffic light system to keep a healthy fishery, which makes for an enjoyable experience for many generations to come.

For more information about booking an Ezifish Charter or the fish, you can catch during your trip, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We’ll be happy to discuss any questions you may have, and we look forward to welcoming you on a trip with Ezifish Charters soon.

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