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24 Hours in Moeraki

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Moeraki is fast approaching a top tourist destination in New Zealand. Come along with us as we give you a rundown of things to see and do in the Moeraki region in 24 hours.

Meet #teamezifish on Moeraki Wharf at 7 am to head out for an authentic fishing experience on the Otago waters. Ezifish' charters from Moeraki are tailored to ensure you enjoy the South Island scenery as well as catching an array of fish. You'll spend the day out in the open water fishing for Blue Cod, Hapuka, Terakihi, Sea Perch, and anything else that bites!

The famous spherical Moeraki Boulders are a must-see when exploring Moeraki. These boulders, explained by scientists as calcite concretions, are believed to have formed 65 million years ago. Māori legend says the boulders are a result of a wrecked voyaging canoe that washed ashore hundreds of years ago. However they came to be, they are a must-see!

You have had a hard day fishing and exploring Koekohe Beach to view the famous Moeraki Boulders and now you are in need of a good feed! The FishWife is the place to go to satisfy your hunger. From the sea to the shore, The FishWife offers crayfish and blue cod complimented with your comfort fries and artisan salads. It's not just the delicious food that makes The FishWife a must-eat

destination but the fresh-air dining connects you with your surroundings in the beautiful Moeraki.

You will see an array of wildlife on your trip to Moeraki, from the seals that visit the shores to the sheep that roam the land BUT just a short ride from Moeraki is where you will be in prime viewing of Blue Penguins. Viewing platforms in Oamaru's Blue Penguin Colony enables you to see penguins come in from a hard day of fishing, just a mere 10-15 metres from you! Held in the evenings, it makes it a perfect way to end your day.

Rest your head easy with and conveniently at The Lodge. Located in the heart of Moeraki, The Lodge can accommodate up to 20 guests with full self-catering kitchen facilities. The Lodge offers affordable accommodation with all the amenities you'll need, leaving you well rested for your next destination!

So what are you waiting for? Come spend a day in Moeraki!

Photo credit:

Ezifish Charters, and Miles Holden

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